Meet Chena Blanchard, Adoption Program Manager

We have a new face in the Adoption department and she’s off and running already! Chena joined the Families First team recently and we wanted to give our friends the opportunity to take a quick look into who she is and what motivates her.
Name: Chena Blanchard

Hometown: Born in Texas but moved around a lot as a child

College/University attended: Georgia State University (Undergrad) and Richmont Graduate University (Graduate)
Degree/Major: Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Children and Adolescents
What excites you about your new position? Learning more about international and domestic adoptions
Why is your job so important to Families First? I will be helping children have families to care for and care about them
What is one thing you already love about Families First? Being able to walk and get lunch!
What is your favorite book? I have too many favorites to narrow it down to one
Worst food you’ve ever tasted? I am not a picky eater and so there is not much that I don’t eat or don’t like, however I don’t like to eat onions. 
Spouse/Kids: I’m married and we have four amazing children!
Dream Job: Retirement
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies (new and old) and sleeping
One thing we’d be surprised to know about you: My husband and I could have been empty-nesters but instead started over again so we have two older kids (26 and 23) and two younger kids (12 and 8).
Favorite quote: “It is what it is”
First paying job: Selling pet honey bees to neighborhood kids as a child. First “real” paying job was at a daycare center. 
Do you sit on any local boards/committees for other organizations? I sit on the Advisory Board at Georgia MENTOR
If you’d like to learn more about the work that Families First does in adoption, please visit 

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